KrutiDev (Kruti Dev) To Unicode Converter

KrutiDev (Kruti Dev) To Unicode Converter

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To Convert Text from KrutiDev (Kruti Dev) to unicode, paste your content in the text box and click "Convert To Unicode Text". The Converted Text Will Be Shown in the Unicode Text Box. You Can Also download the converted text into word file, sent the converted content via email or quickly send it via Whatsapp. You can use the converted unicode text in your computers, Mac Books, android, iphone and other mobile devices. It works by default in all application including microsoft word, excel and powerpoint.


1. What is Kruti Dev font?

Kruti Dev is Devanagari font used to type in hindi language. Kruti Dev is easy to type and is mostly used in government and other offices. Kruti Dev font is required in the computer or mobile devices to view the text.

2. What is Unicode Font?

Unicode font can be used anywhere as it is by default supported in most computers, macbooks, android phone, iphone, ipads etc., which make it the most popular choice to use.

3. How to convert KrutiDev to Unicode?

When you type in kruti Dev and need to convert the same to unicode in order to use it at various places including computers, android mobiles, iphones etc., You can use the KrutiDev to Unicode Converter Above To Convert Your KrutiDev text to Unicode Text. Simply put the text in KrutiDev Textbox and Click on Convert. Then You will find the converted text in the Unicode Text section. The text can be used in various application including microsoft word or offices. It is widely used in India.

4. How to Download Kruti Dev Font ?

You can download Kruti Dev Font For Free from our site by clicking here. You need to download and install the font on your windows or mac systems. Instructions of the same are provided in the download link.

Can We Convert Unicode To Krutidev ?

Yes! you can convert use our tool to convert Unicode to Krutidev.

कृतिदेव-10 से यूनिकोड एवं यूनिकोड से कृतिदेव-10 मे परावर्तन

कितना भी बड़ा Text टेक्स्ट हो एक साथ संबंधित बॉक्स में पेस्ट कर दें। यह कृतिदेव को यूनिकोड व यूनिकोड को कृतिदेव में बदलेगा। जब आप कन्वर्ट का कार्य पूरा कर चुके हों तो बाॉक्स में जाकर कंट्रोल ए या सलेक्ट ऑल से सारा टैक्स्ट सलेक्ट कर कॉपी करते हैं इसके लिए नीचे Copy बटन है जो यह समस्त कार्य अर्थात क्लिक, सलेक्ट ऑल, कॉपी बस क्लिक करने से कर देगा। यूनिकोड तथा कृतिदेव दोनों बॉक्स के नीचे यह Copy बटन आपकी सुविधा के लिए दे दिया है। यदि कृतिदेव देवली से कन्वर्ट करते समय श ष की समस्या बॉक्स में दिख रही है जैसे पष्चिम प्रषिक्षण है तो श ष सुधार के लिए नीचे दिए बटन का उपयोग कर कन्वर्ट करें, फिर कॉपी कर सकते हैं।

This converter is oldest Kruti dev to Unicode, Unicode to Kruti Dev converter. 3 in one converter Chanakya to Unicode + Kruti dev, Unicode to Chanakya + kruti dev and Kruti Dev to Unicode + Chanakya converter in separate Boxes. Two fonts conversions with one and use any font for two conversions. यदि चाणक्य को यूनिकोड व कृतिदेव में एक साथ बदलना अर्थात किसी एक फोंट में टाइप की गई सामग्री दो भिन्न फोंट में बदलना चाहते हैं तो यह लिंक है।

Online KrutiDev to Unicode Converter

This section of our website belong to users who write in Kruti Dev or Remington Keyboard Layout. Here you can easily type or paste your text materials written in Kruti Dev Font and then convert it into Unicode i.e. Mangal Text Format and use it easily on your blogs, websites or word processor. Unicode Text remains intact and same on every platform across systems. So your text will appear everywhere exact same as you have written.

How To Use

In this you can type word by word or just copy paste your whole passage at a time into “ Kruti Dev Text Box ” and then Press " Convert to Unicode " Button, after pressing it you will see a new text box will appear below with your text material converted into Unicode (Mangal) Format. You can use " Reset " Button if you want to convert another text and then repeat the process.

Kruti Dev (Devanagari: कृतिदेव), also spelled as Kritidev or Krutidev, is a legacy Devanagari font which became very popular both in printing as well as on Internet. Kruti Dev typing is often learnt by professional Hindi typists who look to enhance their skills by learning typing on computer. This font is free and uses Remington type-writer layout.

This Krutidev to Unicode converter tool was developed by Anunad Singh and Narayan Prasad. It provides the facility to convert both ways; i.e. from Krutidev to Unicode as well as Unicode to Krutidev.

If you have any legacy text typed in Krutidev font, and you want to put it on Internet, you can use this tool to do the conversion. Unicode text can be read on any computer without requiring installation of any special software. Converted Unicode text can be pasted anywhere, for example, email, Facebook, Twitter, MS Word document etc.

Krutidev to Unicode Converter

We brought to your unique ability to convert your content from Krutidev to Unicode converter. This simple yet very powerful tool gives you the power to type in Remington keyboard layout then your content will be converted in Unicode. What is new in this tool is the ability to change the font by clicking convert button embedded inbox and your Hindi content will be changed in Unicode font.

What is Krutidev ?

Krurtidev is Remington Devnagari typeface which is very common keyboard layout for the Hindi Language in northern states in the Indian Republic. What purpose Krutidev to Unicode converter assigns is the ability to change the fonts from Remington Hindi keyboard layout to conversion in Unicode based fonts. Suppose you type your content in Remington typeface and later you want to see which keys on QWERTY keyboard I used simply copy the content from Krutidev column and paste it anywhere, It will show the content in Roman script. Other than that you can also test your proficiency on a standard english keyboard. The unique function of conversion into Unicode standard system.

krutidev to unicode: Krutidev layout
Krutidev Layout

What is Unicode ?

Unicode is an International system of encoding standard used across all platforms such as Linux, Windows, ios etc and many more. In other words, Computers only understand numbers so for giving input to computers we had to pre-assigned the numbers for every alphabet, numbers and special characters, that pre-assigned standard value is standardised by different encoding system in history such as ASCII, UTF-8 etc. The problem with encoding system was it was not standardised one system used one standard another used other so need to devise platform independent encoding standard system was felt. So, Unicode Consortium came into existence. It was founded to develop and promote the Unicode system. What Unicode did was it assigned each characters unique numbers irrespective of any platform so, Unicode made keyboard encoding standard which is platform independent.

krutidev to unicode: Unicode (Inscript) layout
Inscript (Unicode) Layout

How to Use Tool Krutidev to Unicode Converter ?

Just type in Remington Devnagari Typeface your content then click on the convert button given below. What is Unique about our website tool is unlike other websites this tool gives you full authority to type as much content as you want the ability to convert in lightning speed.

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